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Thank you to all the board, committee and contractors who have been putting in the work to maintain, repair and rebuild the park for all to enjoy. 

We have received the messages about donating materials for upgrades. We will contact you when we are ready to move to the next project.

We will post a project list and if you have expertise in that field, please let us know as we try our best to help our other small businesses. 


The most recent claim of “special members” came up. 

We do receive the complaints and though many of them have nothing to do with HMA, there are a few assumptions and false accusations that we address. This is a notice to address that accusation and any rider who does enter the park illegally.

We do not have “special members” and the claim of such is just an attempt to create another issue that has no basis. 

If our gates are closed, it means that we are not open to the public at that time. If you go around our gates or by other access points which also include going through someone else’s private property to get into Kahuku Motocross park while we are closed, you ARE trespassing. You are there illegally!

Though you may not think you are doing any harm and you have been getting away with it for however long, your presence has always caused unnecessary problems and wastes the time of all involved. 

Riders there who are there illegally are in fact not “special members” but are in fact trespassing, others who hear and/or see you entering or exiting the park may or may not make the assumption that HMA is allowing you to ride there. 

The lack of respect to enter private property without permission and disregard of HMA, our members and non-members who are patiently waiting for Kahuku Motocross Track to open to the public, will cost you your membership and you will be banned. No exceptions. 

Mahalo to all for your continued patience.

We will be posting any changes we have made to the park when we are ready and able to reopen safely as many of the tracks and trails have changed.
By Leimaunalani Galeng
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  • Miss Leila

    Is there a typo on hours and information on ridehma.org? As of Aug 4, 2022 the webpage reflects 8pm-6pm?

  • Sb

    Why is all the heavy equipment up there destroying the wooded areas just after check-in point? It looks like they are getting ready for a freeway ramp. Looking forward to your reply and information regarding what’s going on with the deforestation.
    Thank you.

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