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Recent park changes


Recent park changes


This list may be updated without notice.


Fencing has been added in various spots around the park. Do not attempt to destroy private property.

All tracks enter and exit at the same location. Do not cut in or get off at any other part of the track.


DO NOT ride through tunnel!


Perimeter trail:

Both quads and dirt bikes

Signs have been put up. It is a ONE WAY trail. Follow the arrows.

It has been widened and flattened to make it a true beginner trail. Please do not send your children alone.

Starting point has moved from beginner track to circle track.

You now go around screaming trees and landing zone. These areas is and has always been off limits. Do not go through there.

The ending of the first half has moved to go around the road to get to the second half of the trail.

You will end at the original location. 


Practice track:

50CC and up


Beginners and up.


Main track:

Advanced and intermediate 50CC and up

Road for water truck added. DO NOT ride on this road whatsoever.

Enter and exit near the score shed only. 



No beginners

Do NOT slow down or stop in the middle of the track. You will cause an accident. (this has already happened) Please go on practice track if you are unable to keep pace. 

Do NOT cut track. It is a park rule. We will ban you because it is dangerous. 


Kids intermediate track: 

65CC and below, pit bikes,  85CC or 85CC equivalent novice.


Beginner 50: (first track on left at top of the main road)

Beginner 50CC only


Groomed. Ground may be soft.



Beginner track: (second track on left at top of the main road)

85 CC and below

Beginner riders only!


If you are ripping it around this track you will be kicked off. If you been told before, you will be kicked out!

Groomed. Ground may be soft.

Parking widened. Do not block other people in. 


Beginner quad/circle tracks: (Last track on left at top of the main road)

Beginner 50CC quads

Under construction. Ground may be soft.

Parking widened. Do not block other people in.


Various tracks and trails:

Groomed and/or changed



By Leimaunalani Galeng
  • LOfa

    Are quads allowed on main track?

  • DJ

    Are we able to reserve “spots?” We pay the entry fees and were not aware of it! Once, someone told us “don’t park over here” because their uncle wanted to park over here. A second time, we 3 trucks (social distancing apart) were asked TO MOVE saying “because we normally park over here. This is our spot! I brought this table (that is left/kept there) so yeah everybody has their spots!” Wow! How does this give/leave a positive and welcoming vibe?

  • Brian

    Thanks for all your hard work and for reminding members of the rules. We’ve had to confront a lot of guys ripping around the beginners track on large quads and 250mx bikes. We need to make sure the keiki’s are safe and having fun:)

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