No camping. No fireworks. Your membership will be revoked.

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No camping. No fireworks. Your membership will be revoked.


No camping. No fireworks. Your membership will be revoked.


Per new mandate that took effect today. Masks or face shield are required before you reach the sign in gate. You will be asked to leave if you do not have either.

Social distancing is still REQUIRED

Pack up your trash and take it home with you. 

Absolutely no fireworks or open fires. Alcohol is not allowed in the park. No camping.

Anyone caught dumping trash, setting off fireworks, have open fire or breaking any park rules will have their membership revoked and/or banned.

Park Rules:

To establish a safe family Park for all to enjoy riding motorcycles.
To manage a Park that people can enjoy in a safe environment for families to enjoy. Providing fun and adventurous trail riding for all ages and riding levels
To promote the sport of motorcycling activities within the State of Hawaii, and to be of service to benefit the welfare of all participants.
Offering a National Motocross track built by professional track builders, promoting our Hawaii riders each year on a National level in Motocross and still having a local track and trail for local riders.
Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Federal Holidays 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (pending medics and gate attendants)
(a) Entry per person
• $5 for members
• $20 for non-members
(b) Entry per bike per member
1) $5 for one-member bike
2) $15 for two member bikes
3) $35 for three member bikes
4) $35 plus $20 for each additional bike

1) Speed limit on the fire roads for all vehicles and motorcycles is 8mph.
2) KAHUKU IS NOT A DUMP. Pack in, Pack out. Your parked area must be clean. discard all rubbish in bins.
3) Four-wheeling, golf carts, go carts, pocket bikes, mountain bikes, pedal assist e-bikes (or vehicles of such nature) are prohibited in the park.
4) For safety, while riding on the designated fire roads and trails, all riders must stay to their right.
5) Open fires and fireworks of any kind are prohibited in the park.
6) Firearms, paintball guns, air soft guns, pellet guns, bow and arrows, etc. and activities of such nature are prohibited in the park.
7) Safety gear must always be worn when riding in the park; such as helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants, riding boots, goggles and gloves are minimum requirements. Regardless if you are a passenger or a rider, safety gear must be worn.
8) In riding in the park, ride with 2 or more people. Also inform others where you will be riding and what time to be expected back. Remember to pack a cell phone for emergencies. Note: Not all cell phones have service at the park.
9) Park marshals have the authority to enforce the park rules and if need to, escort violators from the park, request for local law enforcement assistance, and/or initiate penalties and/or fines.
10) Riders, family and/or friends who directly foul and use abusive language to a park marshal/official is subject to be escorted from the park which may include local law enforcement assistance, penalties and fines.
11) The HMA does not test the skill of individual motorcycle riders that are members of HMA or otherwise. Riders are responsible of their own safety and the safety of others.
12) Promoters (other than race events) must provide a presentation to the HMA board on the nature of the use of the park. The promoters must provide the date(s) and time(s), the total amount of people and vehicles, such as: camera crew, trucks, vehicles, etc. with an outline on the section(s) of the park to be used. Promoters will ensure that all will enforce the rules and regulations of HMA while in the park. This presentation must be no less than 30 days of the requested date and in writing
13) Motor vehicle mishaps can result in injury or death. Motor vehicles should never be used by minors without parental consent or supervision. HMA does not test the skill of individual riders in HMA sanctioned, standard events or otherwise, nor does the HMA license amateur competitors or judge rider competence. Riders are solely responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
14) HMA does not set engineering and design standards or inspect fire roads.
15) Riders who doubt the competence of the park, park marshals/officials, have concerns about the safety of the riding area, or their own ability to negotiate the course, fire roads, trails, tracks or any/all riding areas, or are uncertain about the condition of their motorcycle, or doubt the competence of fellow riders, should not ride in the park.
16) The rider must always be large and mature enough to control his/her machine and ride it safely. Children must ride in the company of their parent(s)/guardian(s).
17) Riders that ride in the park must abide by all HMA rules and regulations.
18) Park opens at 8:00am on regular riding days. On some race events, park may open at 6:30am, however there will be no riding before 8:00am.
19) Park closes promptly at 6:00p.m. (Therefore, riding must cease by 5:30p.m.)
Members only (when available) is set at a flat rate of $20 plus $5 per bike, per day.

By Leimaunalani Galeng
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1 Comment
  • Bruce Riley

    Are your hours on January 1st 2022, Saturday the Federal Holiday hours of 8AM to 3PM?
    Also, are you open any days during Christmas though New Years Day’s Holiday week?


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