MX race April 3rd

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MX race April 3rd


MX race April 3rd


A few reminders.

Races are member only events. Membership CAN NOT be renewed/purchased at registration.

Day of event, gate opens at 6:30AM.

Registration opens at 7AM and closes at 8 AM.

If you registered online, you still need to check in to race.

The kids track is meant for beginner and intermediate racers and the main track is for advanced riders. You can not enter both main and kids track races, kids and main track races are held in tandem. 

If you would like to volunteer to help with the race, we ask that you fill out app and you will be contacted via email. CLICK HERE


To purchase a membership: CLICK HERE

Register for event: CLICK HERE

By Leimaunalani Galeng
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